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Dream Analysis / Yantras


Dreams are considered as super natural communicaton or a means of divine interaction, whose message has to be interpretated very clearly. The purpose of Dream Analysis is to understand what the subconcious mind means to say through dreams. It can be about any upcoming event, sad news, health issues, hopes in coming future, anything.. Some of the common examples of Dreams are;

Bath: To dream that one is taking bath signifies changing of inner and outer image of native. It simply signifies that one is washing away all dificulties of life.

Darkness: Darkness in dreams siignifies that there will be failure in upcoming work or project. If a person sees any light in darkness then it means that there is a hope to overcome that failure.

Family: Dreaming of one own family represents love, security and protection through family.

Accident: If a person sees himself in an accident in dream that means there will be hurdles in life coming up and he needs to watch over his plan of actions.


Yantra acts as an imaginary tool for protection of individual, his work place or home. They can be kept in offices, puja rooms or can be weared around neck in lockets. Yantra are commonly used for health, wealth, properity and success in life. Some commonly used Yantras are..

Shri Yantra: Generally used for overall prosperity and financial success.

Kuber Yantra: For increase in welth and properity.

MahaLakshmi Yantra: for seeking blessings of Goddess Lakshmi inworkplace and home.

Personalised Yantra: Besides these common Yantras, we also make personalised Yantra for individuals based on thier genuine requirement and needs.