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Horoscope Matching / Marriage Counselling


Every relations has thier ups and downs, and so marriages are also not an exemption from this rule. Marriages, today are mostly affected by financial hardships, egos, misunderstandings, depression and emotional disturbances. On the verge of this hard time, one needs true guidanace and support. At TheNakashatra, we provide our best and true advice to people based on thier astrological charts for the betterment of thier future. You can contact Veedhu Goel at provided numbers for appointment and further details.


Marriage is one of the most important and sacred event in anyone's life and matching of Horoscopes is one of the most essential step in fixing a marriage. Marriage is not only a religious ritual but a bond between two families and communities through bride and groom. Matching of horoscopes of brides and groom gives an understanding about suitability of thier nature, temperament, desires, harmony etc.

Here we not only match basic gunas but also match thier horoscopes and other details for thier happy and prosperous future. You can submit the form below and email your query at info@thenakashatra.com

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